Dr. Waters is a transplant from the East Texas area.  Her special interests include canine and feline internal medicine, dentistry, and wound healing.  She also provides basic medical care for beef cattle, backyard horses, llamas and goats.  Her largest patient record is held by Chico, the largest bull elephant in North America, and her smallest patient record is held by a hummingbird with a broken wing. 

In her free time Dr. Waters enjoys outdoor activities such as running, going to the park with her family, scrapbooking, and laughing with her two adorable little girls.  She also enjoys organizing the nursery at her local church.  Her cat Amber rules the house and can usually be found sleeping, asking for food, or plotting to ambush the children. 

Credit for this website design goes to her husband Bryan, who transplanted the family to Austin for his computer programming job and to pursue further training.

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